Trace and Adam Were Promoted. Here’s Why.

It’s that time again within our Siege Management Group offices. We have the distinct pleasure of announcing that two of our people have received promotions to management positions. We are happy to congratulate Trace C. and Adam W. on their advancement.

Both of these team members have shown tremendous promise here at Siege Management Group, which is why it’s no surprise they have joined our leadership team. They have both displayed commitment, communication, and willingness to do anything to make goals happen, just a few of the characteristics that define them.

In their new roles with Siege Management Group, they will take more initiative in terms of recruitment, interviews, and hiring. They will be responsible for teams and motivating them to hit targets and achieve excellence. This includes coaching them and providing them with abundant feedback. From a campaign perspective, they will manage expectations and changes.

Stepping into a leadership role entails taking on more tasks involved in running a business operation, such as planning weekly team meetings for the different functions including sales, customer services, and marketing. New leaders will also assume various administrative duties like payroll computation.

Meanwhile, as Trace and Adam assume their new positions, it means that others will soon be in line to grow within our firm as well. We look forward to seeing who is promoted next. Be the first to know by checking our Newswire for frequent updates on our advancement.