Taking Team Spirit to the Courts

Team nights are a big part of our Siege Management Group experience. We often use these gatherings as a chance to bond with our fellow associates and have some much-needed downtime together. Recently, we’ve expanded our functions to include other local businesses in some rousing basketball games.

What makes these events so special is we get to know people in our community a bit better as well as flex our team’s competitive spirits on the courts. In fact, Siege Management Group’s athletic prowess has been readily noted as we’ve won quite a few games. We also know nothing brings people together quite like a victory.

We’re in it to win it, whether it’s a friendly pick-up game with another local firm, or lining up customers for leading telecom companies. Each time we’re together outside of the office, we:

• Form Stronger Bonds: When we’re out of our normal work mode, we get to see each other in a different light, which often leads to better working relationships in our HQ.

• Sharpen Our Collaboration Skills: Sports like basketball require strategy, and each person is expected to bring a certain skill to the table to get results. This mirrors our collaboration practices, which we apply to create winning campaigns.

• Showcase New Talents: It’s easy to think of people based on the roles they play in the office. But during team nights, especially those involving activities like sports, we often see unique talents emerge.

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