Putting Zane in the Spotlight

Around the Siege Management Group office, recognition is a core cultural component. We receive time in the spotlight when we show dedication to achieving our lofty goals. Today, it’s team member Zane who’s getting his time to shine.

Manny, our firm’s President, explained, “Zane sets a great example for his teammates through his optimistic mind-set. He establishes clear objectives that allow him to focus his efforts in the most productive ways. I have no doubt that Zane will become a successful leader in the future.”

Zane remarked, “Since coming to Siege Management Group, I’ve learned that a positive attitude is a key to being successful. It’s easier to have this type of mind-set here, because we have such a supportive team culture. When you’re surrounded with talented people who encourage you to set the bar higher, you feel like there’s no limit to what you can achieve.”

Helping others achieve long-term success is Zane’s ultimate goal. He explained, “I’m currently working to develop my leadership skills so I can become an effective manager down the road. I believe that my positive attitude will help me reach this goal. I’ve been told that my enthusiasm is contagious, and I think this will aid my leadership development efforts.”

Zane represents the key attributes we look for in a leader. Follow his career progress by liking Siege Management Group on Facebook.