PRESS RELEASE: Siege Management Group Takes Learning Program on the Road

CORAOPOLIS, PA – Top Siege Management Group producers have taken several trips lately to explore new markets. The firm’s President discussed the learning benefits of travel opportunities like this, and how these experiences encourage promotions.

“I’m really proud of the way we’ve been able to incorporate travel into our operations,” stated Manny, President of Siege Management Group. “We often attend leadership conferences and networking events to provide advanced training opportunities and encourage our people to grow their professional contact lists. Also, we provide high achievers with rewards like all-expenses-paid weekends in tropical destinations. I believe travel is one of the most visible and impactful perks we offer our team members.”

Another kind of trip that a number of brand advocates have taken recently involved exploring new markets with small groups for a few days at a time. These fact-finding missions gave team frontrunners a chance to put their training to use away from Siege Management Group HQ while also leading their own teams in acquiring customers for the firm’s portfolio of internet solution providers.

“Hand-selected groups have taken road trips to Richmond, Virginia and a few locations in New Jersey to test the waters in those areas, so to speak, but also to feel what it’s like to function on their own,” shared Manny. “I have complete faith in my top leaders and wanted them to have this experience so they could develop the same confidence in themselves. I feel like this is a big step forward for many of my management trainees on the path toward operating satellite offices of their own.”

Lessons Learned on Siege Management Group Trips That Lead to Advancement Opportunities

Success in a leadership role requires a multi-faceted approach, and often this comes as a result of practice. Giving Siege Management Group’s top producers the chance to strike out on their own provides the kind of experience that positively impacts career journeys.

“I love working with ambitious people; they’re eager to prove themselves. All I have to do is give them the tools and training, and then support them along the way,” Manny stated. “That’s what I think is so great about these recent road trips – I wasn’t there to make decisions for anyone. They were encouraged to rely on their training and intuition, and work with whatever happened. Of course, I know the high-quality teaching they’ve had, so I was certain that these trips would have a positive outcome, but it’s important for team members to experience that for themselves. These small wins in Virginia and New Jersey will provide the self-assurance that leads to accepting even more challenging assignments, and eventually to the successful attainment of whatever vocational goals people have set for themselves.”

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