PRESS RELEASE: Siege Management Group Looking to Grow Its Team

CORAOPOLIS, PA – Manny, President of Siege Management Group, announced that the firm is hiring. He then outlined some of the benefits that professionals receive when they join the firm, and throughout their career journeys.

Thanks to increasing demand for Siege Management Group’s services, there are open positions available at the firm. Manny said that he’s looking for career-oriented people who know how to drive their own training while also working together with other associates to achieve group goals.

Work history is not nearly as important to Manny as finding people with the right mind-set that will thrive in the Siege Management Group office environment. The firm’s culture of recognition and growth is the foundation of its success and maintaining this inspiring and empowering atmosphere of achievement is one of Manny’s top priorities.

The company’s thorough training system is an extension of its culture. The support, encouragement, and industry resources that are made available to novice brand advocates from their first days are based on values like recognition, collaboration, and continual learning. As they absorb the knowledge and skills made available through coaching, conferences, and seminars, executives spread their wings, building their strengths and launching successful careers.

Siege Management Group Goes Beyond Job Training and Develops Leadership Acumen

People receive many learning opportunities through the Siege Management Group training system that go beyond job skills. Manny wants his team members to be prepared for the roles they want to fill in the future, not just the positions they currently hold. For this reason, coaches share goal-setting strategies, public speaking and other communication techniques, and networking tips.

Networking is an especially popular topic at the firm, because of the many chances associates have to travel throughout the year. Whenever the team attends conferences, retreats, and community events, they connect with influential leaders and build professional relationships. These contacts are often the sources of future business opportunities, new team members, and – perhaps most importantly – friends.

Once people have mastered the skills of their roles and are prepared for leadership, they find themselves uniquely positioned to benefit from the Siege Management Group commitment to internal promotions. The firm’s culture of learning and comprehensive training creates a talent pipeline that fuels the company’s growth. There is always a qualified professional ready to take on more responsibility, which in turns makes even more room for entry-level team members. Anyone interested in ringing in the new year with a lucrative career in customer acquisitions should visit the Siege Management Group careers page.

About Siege Management Group:
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