John Earns His Place on the Management Team

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Siege Management Group culture. By celebrating each other’s wins and praising one another on a job well done, we’ve created an office atmosphere that inspires success.

This month, we wanted to use this blog to shine a spotlight on the newest member of our leadership team. We’re proud to announce that John Marchese has just been promoted to assistant manager. We consider our AMs to be our front-line team members – those who act as a bridge between the telecom solution partners we work with and the public they serve – and John’s sharp communication skills will be an asset in this regard.

John has proven his mastery of digital services, and we appreciate his input in our strategy meetings. What’s more, he’s shown a talent for achieving ambitious goals, making him an ideal person for our associates to follow. With expansion on the Siege Management Group radar, we’re glad to have John out in front.

“I’m always happy to promote hard-working executives who show dedication and determination,” shared Manny, our company’s President. “Team members like John prove that our training system works, which inspires others to commit themselves to our methodology. I’m looking forward to seeing where John takes his career from here.”

Congratulations on your promotion to assistant manager, John! See what exciting milestones John hits next by following Siege Management Group on Facebook.