Congratulating Rebecca and Xavier on Their Promotions

We appreciate the hard work that our team members put into their careers and when they achieve milestones big or small, we recognize them for their efforts. This month, we’d like to shine the Siege Management Group spotlight on Xavier R. and Rebecca O. for being promoted into leadership positions.

Manny, President of Siege Management Group, is really proud of both these individuals. They have proven their work ethic and determination by always being the first people into the office in the morning and the last ones to leave at night. Their ambition is refreshing, and an example to us all. They’re never satisfied with the status quo; they always strive to improve on what they know and do.

As managers, Rebecca and Xavier will have several new responsibilities. For example, they will now be responsible for motivating team members to meet and exceed revenue goals and guiding them as they develop in their roles. They will also learn how to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including payroll, and plan weekly meetings that deal with all functions of sales, customer service, and marketing.

There’s no doubt that Xavier and Rebecca have their work cut out for them, but there’s also no doubt that they are prepared and eager for the challenges of their new positions. We know they will make us proud! Follow Siege Management Group on Twitter to see who earns their place in our company spotlight next.