Celebrating Two Recent Promotions

It’s always a good time to highlight our top Siege Management Group performers, and today it’s Casey and Mus who are receiving recognition. Both of these standout team members have been promoted to leadership due to their hard work and dedication. Manny, our firm’s President, noted that Casey and Mus have shown strong commitment to reaching their goals. He believes they’ll be excellent leaders because they’ve always set positive examples for their colleagues.

Manny noted that the curiosity Casey and Mus have displayed will help them immeasurably in their new roles. He added that they’ve always been willing to absorb and apply new concepts, so they have the right mind-sets to learn and manage challenges ahead of them.

Casey and Mus have also proven themselves capable of building productive relationships with people at all career levels. This will definitely serve them well as they adjust to Siege Management Group leadership positions. Not only will they have valuable sources of advice as they grow into effective leaders, Casey and Mus will quickly earn the respect of their team members.

Manny also believes the recently promoted leaders’ shared ability to see the bigger picture will prove useful. They frame every achievement, both large and small, in terms of the firm’s larger mission. This will make it easier for Casey and Mus to motivate the people they lead.

We’re excited to watch Casey and Mus thrive in their new roles. Like Siege Management Group on Facebook to follow their progress.