Better Together: Working on Our Team Bonds

At the heart of every strong company culture is a dedicated team. In Siege Management Group’s HQ, we strive to nurture our team’s core strength, which is our working relationships with each other. Building solid connections takes work, but as we’ve proven time and again, doing so can be a lot of fun.

“Our regular team nights are like gold when it comes to ensuring that our associates forge stronger bonds with one another,” Manny, our Siege Management Group President, explained. “We coordinate interesting events that are inclusive and encourage a lot of participation. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as a dinner out where we can relax and talk with one another over a delicious meal. Other times, it’s a unique activity, one in which we can cherish a fun experience we shared.”

We depend on these events to help us get to know one another better in ways that just aren’t always possible in an office setting. “When we’re at work, we’re in our roles and focused on what we need to do to complete tasks,” Manny explained. “Consequently, we don’t take the time necessary to become more familiar with each other as individuals.”

“Team nights provide us with opportunities to learn more about each other, such as our interests and passions,” he explained. “These gatherings provide more insights into how each associate learns and operates, which makes it easier for collaboration and to personalize our coaching and training.”

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